+++++ Due to German and European Tax Law in many cases Companies like Ltd./Inc. seem better to be established in Switzerland rather than in Germany; taxation is partly very low (< 15%), tax rules much more reliable and easier to comply with +++++ Switzerland: Swiss Nationalrat (1. Chamber of Parliament) decided to hand out information about app 4,500 American customers of UBS AG who are suspected of defraudation of the revenue; our Swiss partner with top connection to UBS togehther with my Lawfirm can help to prevent customers from consequences if involved as earl as possible +++++


UBS: American customers of UBS are now under pressure, since Parliament of Switzerland has decided  definitely to hand out information about app 4,500 American customers being suspected of tax-evasion for years  supported by UBS. Time runs short now to act as sophisticated as possible to avoid further steps by IRS; our Swiss partner with good connection to UBS can help to find out if or if not a customer's name will be listed. Contact Attorney-at-Law C Lupke


Downtown Düsseldorf, that long-time business heart of North-Rhine Westfalia, you may find our law-firm between Main Station and Königsallee, that famous shopping area. All 15 empoyees of both fields, as well legal as  tax consultancy, are dedicated to provide our clients with service at full range of tax, corporate and real estate law as well as classical services as book-keeping, preparing return of taxes and annual reports. Moreover we support our clients in the field of law of (international) contract and especially of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). 

All service is also rendered in English and Spanish.